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The Third Degree on Work Experience

Back through the mists of time, Harry, Andrew and Adrian all once learned the skills that would see them one day do a weekly digital radio show on work experience. 

From “curator” (a.k.a tea drinker) at the National History Museum to getting to move files around in a lawyer’s office, the Third Degree team did a diverse selection of different jobs on work experience that bore no relation to what doing any actual work is like.

However, it was a formative period for Andrew, as he tells the story of how he abandoned his life of crime, boosting rides on the mean streets of Ballinteer, to straighten up and fly right learning the tricks of the trade as a mechanic. It was pretty much the plot of the entire Fast and Furious movie franchise, except for the bit where they made him take the bins out.

It was also his first introduction to “lad banter”, which has since gone on to dominate the internet landscape in Ireland for some reason, as he explained on the show this week.

This week’s playlist featured a double play of new music from Nada Surf, as well as two tracks from A Tribe Called Quest to mark the passing of Malik Taylor, also known as Phife Dawg. The “Five Foot Assassin” was a unique rapper who had a particular talent for putting together unique intros for his verses.

You on point, Phife? All the time, Tip.

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