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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Tuesday, September 29

Run The Jewels – ‘Call Ticketron’ 
Art Of Algebra (feat: Breezy iDeyGoke) ‘Praying on a Gamble’ 
Public Enemy – ‘Rebel Without A Pause’ 
Public Enemy – ‘Yesterday Man’ 
Nadine Shah – ‘Club Cougar’ 
PJ Harvey – ‘This Is Love’ 
Pillow Queens – ‘A Dog’s Life’ 
First Class & Coach – ‘Mischa’ 
Mogwai – ‘Hunted By A Freak’ 
God Is An Astronaut – ‘Radau’ 
U2 – ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ (Jacknife Lee Remix) 
Idles – ‘Anxiety’ 
Sinead O’Brien – ‘Most Modern Painting’ 
Woodstar – ‘The Last sad Verse Of A Dumb Punk Song’ 
Hour 2: 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)’ 
Royal Blood – ‘Loose Change’ 
Royal Blood – ‘Trouble’s Coming’ 
Hot Chip – ‘Over & Over’ 
Gemma Dunleavy – ‘Up De Flats’ 
The Brilliant Trees – ‘Home’ 
Havvk – ‘Hush’ 
Broadcast – ‘Colour Me In’ 
Acera197 – ‘AM1’ 
Grandbrothers – ‘Bloodflow’ 
Seana Davey – ‘Ghosted’ 
Jafaris – ‘Haunted’ 
Bjork – ‘Venus As A Boy’ 
The Sugarcubes – ‘Deus’ 

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