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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Tuesday, March 30

Run The Jewels

Beastie Boys – ‘Root Down’ 
Run The Jewels – ‘The Ground Below’ 
Art Of Algebra (feat: Breezy iDeyGoke) – ‘Praying On A Gamble’ 
AE Mak – ‘New Friend’ 
Bjork – ‘Violently Happy’ 
Grimes – ‘We Appreciate Power’ 
The Clockworks – ‘Feels So Real’ 
Kate Bush – ‘Cloudbursting’ 
Grandbrothers – ‘Howth’ 
Akilo (feat: SYLK) – ‘Going Nowhere’ 
Spacehog – ‘In The Meantime’ 
Flume (feat: Beck) – ‘Tiny Cities’ 
Air (feat: Jason Falkner) – ‘Radio # 1’ 
Brendan Benson – ‘Cold Hands (Warm Heart)’ 
Hour 2: 

Royal Blood – ‘Limbo’ 
Candice Gordon – ‘Nobody’ 
Blink – ‘We Robbed A Bank In Brazil (And Got Away With It)’ 
TAYNE – ‘Coherent’ 
Hotel Persona (feat: Brian Molko) – ‘Modern Kids’ 
For Those I Love – ‘To Have You’ 
DJ Shadow – ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’ 
Nylophone – ‘Stay Asleep & Dream’ 
Maria Somerville – ‘Seabird’ 
Lali Puna – ‘Faking The Books’ 
K3:lu – ‘Arc Of The Rising Sun’ 
Mano Le Tough – ‘Changing Days’ 
The Streets – ‘Weak Become Heroes’ 
The Skinner Brothers – ‘Low’ 

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