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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, October 15

The White Stripes

John Grant – ‘Black Belt’ 
God Knows (feat: Skripteh, Nealo, Mango, & Rebel Phoenix) – ‘Who’s Asking’ (East Coast All Stars Remix) 
Soulwax – ‘NY Excuse’ 
Warmduscher – ‘Midnight Dipper’ 
Kynsy – ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’ 
The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Stand Inside Your Love’ 
Silverbacks – ‘A Roof For Life’ 
Sinead McConville – ‘Running From You’ 
Sinead O’Brien – ‘Most Modern Painting’ 
Sinead O’Connor – ‘Trouble Of The World’ 
Sinead O’Connor – ‘Mandinka’ 
Sprints – ‘Drones’ 
The White Stripes – ‘Black Math’ 
Vulpynes – ‘I Can’t Sit Still’ 
Revelino – ‘Hello’ 
Hour 2: 
Oasis – ‘Cast No Shadow’ 
Loah & Bantum – ‘NGLA’ 
LEWWAB – ‘Somebody’ 
Nylon Rhythm Machine – ‘Starway To Mars’ 
OG The Story – ‘Irish Resident’ 
Art Of Algebra – ‘Gomora’ 
Art Of Algebra interview 
Art Of Algebra – ‘The Devil’s In The Gin’ 
Lexicon Of Sound – ‘Your Heart’s Desire’ 
The Sewing Room – ‘Drugfree’ 
Melanie De Biasio – ‘Gold Junkies’ 
Skanger – ‘Condolences’ 
Toygirl – ‘Poison’ 

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