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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, March 25

Queens Of The Stone Age

Inhaler – ‘Cheer Up Baby’ 
The Bravery – ‘An Honest Mistake’ 
The Van Ts – ‘Suis-Je Cool?’ 
Havvk – ‘No patience’ 
First Class & Coach – ‘Detroit’ 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Ain’t No Easy Way’ 
Just Mustard – ‘Seven’ 
Sage – ‘Strange’ 
Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ 
Twin Diver – ‘Television’ 
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – ‘Television The Drug Of The Nation’ 
Alewya & Moses Boyd – ‘The Code’ 
April – ‘Luna’ 
Gorillaz (feat: St. Vincent) – ‘Chalk Tablet Towers’ 
St. Vincent – ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’ 
Hour 2: 
Raf Rundell – ‘Ric Flair’ 
Darkroom Data – ‘Hydrogen’ 
Anna Of The North – ‘Someone’ 
LEWWAB – ‘Flowers’ 
Cry Cleaning – ‘Strong Feelings’ 
Dunx – ‘One Of Us’ 
Pugwash interview 
Pugwash – ‘It’s Nice To Be Nice’ 
New Pagans – ‘Natural Beauty’ 
Slagheap – ‘Caffeine’ 
Shakalak – ‘Kindness’ 
Clannad (feat: Denise Chaila) – ‘In A Lifetime’ 

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