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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Monday, October 26

DJ Shadow (feat: De La Soul) – ‘Rocket Fuel’The Gauze – ‘Sleeper’Nadine Shah – ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’Royal Blood – ‘Trouble’s Coming’Peaches – ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’Ferals – ‘Separate’My Bloody Valentine – ‘Sometimes’Lydia Ford – ‘A Year’Lydia Ford interviewSteam Phunk feat: Lydia Ford) – ‘Lost In Translation’Afro Celt Sound System (feat: Sinead O’Connor) – ‘Release’Sinead O’Connor – ‘Trouble Of The World’Maverick Sabre – ‘Drifting’Bon Voyage – ‘African Voices’
Hour 2:

Beabadoobe – ‘Charlie Brown’AE Mak – ‘Hey Driver’
Kavinsky (feat: Lovefoxx) – ‘Nightcall’LEWWAB – ‘Somebody’Paddy Hanna – ‘My Wise Addiction’Paddy Hanna interviewPaddy Hanna – ‘Nameless’
Fontaines D.C. – ‘Lucid Dream’Fight Like Apes – ‘Canhead’Girl Band – ‘Going Norway’
Sonic Youth – ‘Sunday’
The Cranberries – ‘Daffodil Lament’
Sasha Terfous – ‘Identity’
Sinking With Love – ‘By Your Side’

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