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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Friday, October 16


Gorillaz (feat: Robert Smith) – ‘Strange Timez’ 
Dramas – ‘Bloodbath’ 
Fever Ray – ‘Seven’ 
Jacknife Lee (feat: Beth Ditto & Earl St Clair) – ‘I’m Getting Tired’ 
Inhaler – ‘When It Breaks’ 
Von Bondies – ‘C’mon C’mon’ 
Sick Love – ‘Soccer Mom’ 
Tolu Makay – ‘You Are Enough’ 
Marlowe – ‘Lost Arts’ 
Art Of Algebra – ‘Tulip’ 
God Is An Astronaut – ‘In The Distance Fading’ 
Oasis live at Roskilde festival (1995): 
‘Some Might Say’ 
‘Roll With It’ 
‘Slide Away’ 
Orwells 84 – ‘Callin’  
Hour 2: 
Mundy – ‘Pardon Me’ 
Kamino Royale – ‘Bleed The Same Blood’ 
Soak – ‘Sea Creatures’ 
Tebi Rex x Elkin – ‘She Hated Love Songs II’ 
Tebi Rex – ‘Aaaagh’ 
Sunken Foal (feat: carol Keogh) – ‘Chizzlers’ 
Civic Edits – ‘Fashion District’ 
Peaches – ‘Flip This’ 
The Legendary Tigerman (feat: Peaches) – ‘She’s A Hellcat’ 
Oasis live at Roskilde festival (1995): 
‘Morning Glory’ 
‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ 
‘Live Forever’ 
TV People – ‘Nothing More’ 
Rollerskate Skinny – ‘Shimmer Son Like A Star’ 
August Wells – ‘Shape Up’ 
Nicha – ‘Little Bird

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