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The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Friday, February 19

Nadine Shah – ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’ 
Jape – ‘Hands Of Fire’ 
Denise Chaila (feat: Jafaris) – ‘Anseo’ 
Marxman (feat: Sinead O’Connor) – ‘Ship Ahoy’ 
Tebi Rex – ‘Oh It Hurts’ 
THEESatisfaction – ‘Queens’ 
Queen Zee – ‘Boy’ 
Nirvana – ‘On A Plain’ 
Three Underneath – ‘All You Can Do’ 

Eels Unplugged in L.A: 
‘Earth To Dora’ 
‘Anything For Boo’ 
Kynsy – ‘Cold Blue Light’ 
Red House Painters – ‘Grace Cathedral Park’ 
Yppah – ‘Coastal Cities’ 

Hour 2: 

Sufjan Stevens – ‘Video Game’ 
Sufjan Stevens – ‘Chicago’ 
First Class & Coach – ‘Detroit’ 
Pillow Queens – ‘Donaghmede’ 
(sic) – ‘Eyeball Kicks’ 
Klubber Lang – ‘There, There’ 
dEUS – ‘Suds & Soda’ 

Eels Unplugged in L.A: 
‘Are We Alright Again?’ 
‘Baby Let’s Make It Real’ 
For Those I love – ‘Birthday/ The Pain’ 
Bobby Womack – ‘Across 110th Street’ 
Flecks – ‘Distance=Distance’ 
BICEP – ‘Lido’ 
God Is An Astronaut – ‘Adrift’ 

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