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Independent’s Day

Independent’s Day – Episode 10

20th June 2019

Out on a Limb Records are one of the longest running indie labels in Ireland. Started in Limerick in 2003, there are twelve (reasonably) active acts on the label, [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 9

13th June 2019

Rua Sound is a record label focused on the rhythm and sounds joining the worlds of Jungle, Hip-Hop, Footwork, Drum & Bass and Grime. It was set up by 2 Irish DJs, [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 8

7th June 2019

Farpoint Recordings was founded in 2004, as an artist-run creative project that seeks to publish works from the margins. The label releases sound art, electronica and [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 7

29th May 2019

Strange Brew was originally set up as a club night in Galway’s Roisin Dubh in 2002. It has grown into an artist management, booking agent and record label. Gugai [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 6

24th May 2019

Rusted Rail is a Micro-Independent record label based in Galway. Founded by Keith Wallace in 2006, it releases alternative folk, post-rock and psych music. Keith had a [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 5

16th May 2019

Lyte Records is a label that focuses on hip hop, folk and classical, but mainly jazz. Based in Northern Ireland, it was founded by musician, songwriter and producer [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 4

10th May 2019

Raelach Records is an artist-run, traditional and folk record label based in county Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. The label was founded in 2011 by musician and [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 2

29th April 2019

Word Up Collective bring together, for the first time, a number of artists who have been working independently and in existing groups to present a snap shot of [...]

Independent’s Day – Episode 1

18th April 2019

Art for Blind is an independent record label and distro started in 2004 in Barnsley, before relocating to Leeds, Cork and now based in Sligo, on the Atlantic northwest. [...]