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RTÉ In Colour Playlist | Podcast 29/06/15

Click on the link to listen back to this week’s show – In Colour with Darren Cleary 29/06/15

Mondays are all about new Irish music on In Colour on RTÉ 2XM. This week we had chats, tunes, music reviews and biscuits.. thanks to Nella for bringing a pack of Toffee Pops.

We opened the show with PRIVADO‘s brilliant new single ‘Immune’, which was being played on the Irish airwaves for the first time ever. This is pure guitar driven greatness, the sound is crisp, the music is very catchy. Once you’ve heard it you’re likely to instantly like it. The lyrics and melody are blended perfectly and true to form this is another excellent effort by the Dublin band.

Nella joined us live in studio, she’s been a working musician for the best part of a decade but is busier than ever having released a brand new EP Revolution which was enjoyed by music lovers and critics alike. The EP is one of the best I’ve heard this year. She’s coupled a vibrant vocal with wonderful instrumentals.

This week we featured new music from Alex Jordan, Cookie and The Vaudevilles, Christine B. Phelan, The Needables, Here To Help You Out, Penrose and Eve Belle. The standards of submissions are so high and I’m constantly impressed by the up and coming bands, singers and songwriters that get in touch with us every day, we will endeavor to play as much as humanly possible. The aforementioned artists all have brilliant new tracks out at the moment. You’ll find more of their music by visiting the pages below

Alex Jordan & Co: The rousing vocals and well worked composition make this country artist accessible to everyone. Borderline is a strong track that is striking from start to finish.

Cookie and The Vaudevilles: They play the kind of smooth jazz that wouldn’t sound out of place on the famed Bourbon St in New Orleans, Louisiana. They’ve put a modern spin on an old style and the Cork band have succeeded in some style.

Christine B. Phelan: The new EP is excellent, the tracks are soft and serene but loaded with meaning and emotion there’s wonderful range on the EP and Phelan’s song writing ability is very impressive.


The Needables: Laid back tunes and catchy lyrics is the draw of this band, folk acts are a dime a dozen, one this good we don’t get often. It’s toe tapping, head shaking goodness.

Here To Help You Out: Their unique brand of mellow pop and happy go lucky lyrics make this track instantly appealing. Damn You, Sunshine is fun, the music is fetching and the lyrics touch on the quintessentially Irish habit of always complaining about something.


Penrose: Upbeat and infectious Penrose’s sound makes an instant impact with the listener, it has that wonderful quality of being fresh yet familiar.

Eve Belle: No stranger to the show, undoubtedly one of the most talented up and coming musicians on the scene. Eve Belle’s ability to sing, write and compose such polished material continue to impress.

Tara Joshi from Music News joined us to review Handsome Eric‘s latest EP as part of GoldenPlec Select‬.

She produced a wonderful line that has set the standards for how we’ll do music reviews on the show, going forward tracks will be rated on the Tara Joshi Sonically Pleasing Scale of 1-10 ®

Playlist | In Colour with Darren Cleary 29/06/15 

Track 1: Privado – Immune

Track 2: Nella – Revolution

Track 3: Nella – Live in Studio

Track 4: Nella – Beautiful

Track 5: Here To Help You Out – Damn You, Sunshine

Track 6: Alex Jordan  – Borderline

Track 7: GoldenPlec Select with James Hendicott  Tara Joshi

Track 8: GoldenPlec Select – Handsome Eric – Danger Time On The Quay

Track 9: Cookie and the Vaudevilles – Bourbon St

Track 10: Christine B Phelan – Stony Ocean Ground

Track 11: The Needables – You Won’t Cry

Track 12: Penrose – Melody

Track 13: Eve Belle – Too Young To Feel This Old




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