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RTÉ In Colour Playlist | Podcast 18/05/15

Welcome to the first RTÉ In Colour blog post. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to welcome someone to a blog post or thank them in advance for reading it, I’m not quite up to speed on what the general rule of blogging is. This is my first post.

I have tried to stay on top of 21st century trends. I’ve done the gangnam style, been part of a harlem shake and poured a bucket of ice cold water over my head… still don’t really get that one.

Blogging is the final frontier of unavoidable fads. I have in preparation for this, read up on what a blog is so as to prepare myself for what I would need to offer you, the readers of presenter blogs on

Derived from the ‘B’ from the word ‘web’, a reference to the ‘World Wide Web’ – denoting that it is available online. The ‘log’ from the word ‘log’ meaning an official record of events during the voyage of a ship or aircraft. With this new information taken into account I am ready to blog.

Here you will find details about our playlists and music featured on the show, you will also find links to the podcast on the RTÉ Radio player, we’ll have music news, reviews and competitions. We’ll have posts from our reporter Laura Mullett, the producer Stan Harding and myself Darren Cleary.

Here goes…

Presenter’s blog, supplemental. We have finally arrived at ‘aucdet IX where we will pick up the specimens of plasma plague for transport to Rachelis… wait, no that’s not it.

This week on RTE 2XM we featured new Irish music from Casual Friday, Drive By Eden, Leo Drezden, The TreeSleepers, #‎PaintedFever, and #‎Trout.

This week’s James Hendicott co-editor of Music News joined us in studio for #‎GoldenPlecSelect. He reviewed the new release from Leo Drezden called “Multi-Moment”.

Click here to listen back to this week’s show – Podcast: RTÉ In Colour with Darren Cleary 18/05/15


Playlist | In Colour with Darren Cleary 18/05/15 

Track 1: The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Track 2: The Cure – Just Like Heaven

Track 3: Cat Stevens – Wild World

Track 4: Casual Friday – Black And White

Track 5: Drive by Eden – Start Again

Track 6: Nelly – Ride With Me

Track 7: Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag

Track 8: GoldenPlec Select with James Hendicott

Track 9: Leo Drezden – Quest

Track 10: The TreeSleepers – 21 Hookers And An Once Of Coke

Track 11: TrouT – Dead End Town

Track 12: Painted Fever – Take The Blame

Track 13: M83 – Reunion

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