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RTÉ In Colour Playlist | Podcast 13/07/15

Click on the link to listen back to this week’s show – In Colour with Darren Cleary 13/07/15

On the show this week we featured new music from the best indie, rock and alternative artists from Ireland and abroad.

James Hendicott, editor of GoldenPlec magazine joined us in studio for our regular review feature ‘GoldenPlec Select’ each week he picks out talented up and coming musicians and gives us the lowdown on their background, sound and style.

Riza was our featured act this week, they are a band fronted by Niwel Tsumbu. They play a mix of African beats and good fun Western pop.

Playlist | In Colour with Darren Cleary 13/07/15

Track 1: The Deathray Davies – Clever Found A Name

Track 2: Foster The People – Are You What You Wanna Be

Track 3: The Libertines – Gunga Din

Track 4: Slaptop – Away

Track 5: Étáin – Cordelia

Track 6: BEAKS – Good Friday Agreement

Track 7: GoldenPlec Select – James Hendicott, Editor

Track 8: RiZa – Kabembe

Track 9: Dave Morrissey – Joey Had To Fly

Track 10: Sarah Buckley – You’ve Got Me

Track 11: Alice Signal Fires – Ghost

Track 12: Kevin Long – City Drifting

Track 13: Modest Mouse – Float On

Coming Up Next Week: We’ll have our usual mix of indie, rock and alternative music. We’ve got some fantastic music in our inbox over the last few days. We’ll play as much of it as possible. We’ll talk movies on the show next week as well, Laura Mullett and Andrew Hanley join us to review Ant-Man, True Story and the latest must binge watch show on Netflix as part of In Colour @ The Movies.

A special mention is reserved as well for Odibal who sent us in their music on a bracelet, in a bag with a shocked face on it… that looked kinda like this :-O

The album package it is the slickest we’ve got and the tunes are damn good too. You’ll be hearing their new stuff on RTÉ 2XM over the coming weeks. I do hope you like it as much as I do. Back on your digital radio from 8pm next week.

I should also mention that we’ll have big news surrounding the future of In Colour on RTÉ 2XM which as you know it is about to go through a series of massive changes. More next week…


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