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RTÉ In Colour Playlist | Podcast 01/06/15

Click on this link to listen back to this week’s show – In Colour with Darren Cleary 01/06/15

Lucy Spraggan joined Darren Cleary live in studio this week. She spoke about the early days of her career, balancing gigging 5 nights a week with her day job as a demolitions expert.

An accident while on a building that collapsed left her with an injury that ended her dreams of becoming a fireman. She focused her full attention on pursuing a musical career.

She decided to audition for the X-Factor and become a household name overnight. The 23-year-old outlined the drawbacks of fame and how after making her, the television talent show came close to breaking her as she was diagnosed with depression.

Lucy also spoke candidly about her decision to leave her record label and go solo after setting up her own management company CTRL. She also offers advice for any budding young musicians.

Lucy’s third album ‘We Are’ is is available now to download on iTunes.

Laura Mullett co-hosted this week’s show, she had the latest on Lana Del Rey’s new album and the possibility that Oasis are about to bury the hatchet with Paul McCartney ready to mediate peace talks, no… really! More on that here.

Laura made an impassioned plea to Liam and Noel Gallagher to park their differences for the benefit of us: “Why couldn’t they just be unselfish and get back together for us, the fans”.

Stan Harding, producer of In Colour has finally joined the 21st century. He’s signed up for Twitter. You can follow him @StanJHarding. He’s yet to tweet so we can only assume he’s preparing something brilliant, insightful and interesting to start with.

You can follow me on twitter I’m @RadioCleary and reporter Laura Mullett is @LauraMullett on twitter and you can follow her on facebook as well on 

Playlist | In Colour with Darren Cleary 01/06/15 

Track 1: Jimi Hendrix – Fire

Track 2: Kasabian – Fire

Track 3: Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger

Track 4: Le Galaxie – Put The Chain On

Track 5: Lucy Spraggan – Unsinkable

Track 6: Lucy Spraggan – Live In Studio

Track 7: Lucy Spraggan – 23

Track 8: EchoSmith – Cool Kids

Track 9: Lana Del Rey – West Coast

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