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Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Wednesday, October 2:


M.I.A. – ‘Paper Planes’
Stomptown Brass – ‘One Last Time’
The Go! Team – ‘Bottle Rocket’
G-Flip – ‘Killing My Time’
King Kong Company – ‘Donkey Jaw’
Depeche Mode – ‘It’s No Good’
SYLK – ‘Am I Alone (After Dark)’
Skepta – ‘Numbers’
The Mauskovic Dance Band – ‘Continue The Fun’
THEESatisfaction – ‘Queens’
The Blaze – ‘Queens’
The Good, The Bad & The Queen – ‘Nineteen Seventeen’
Nowonos – ‘Sea Moves Back’
Kitt Philippa – ‘Human’  (Session)
Boa Morte – ‘No Piano’

Hour 2:

Mylo – ‘Valley Of The Dolls’
Sinking With Love – ‘By Your Side’
Kitt Philippa – ‘You’  (Session)
Moon Duo – ‘Flying’
Columbia Mills – ‘Strange Game’
The Jesus & Mary Chain (feat: Hope Sandoval) – ‘Sometimes Always’
The Clockworks – ‘Can I Speak To A Manager?’
Bitch Falcon – ‘Panther’
Girl Band – ‘Caveat’
Whipping Boy – ‘Favourite Sister’
Everything Shook – ‘New York FM’
Bjork – ‘Pagan Poetry’
Mount Alaska – ‘Back To The Land My Love’
Will De Burca (feat: Aoife Underwater) – ‘The Sound Of The End Of The Night’
Grandbrothers – ‘Bloodflow’

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