Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Wednesday, May 27:


The Streets – ‘Fit But Don’t You Know It’
Maverick Sabre – ‘Don’t You Know By Now’
Flume (feat: Beck) – ‘Tiny Cities’
Garbage – ‘Queer’
CHERYM – ‘Weird Ones’
Fontaines D.C. – ‘Chequeless reckless’
Fontaines D.C. – ‘A Hero’s Death’
First Class & Coach – ‘Detroit’
Power Of Dreams – ‘Does It Matter’
Craig Walker & RYYBA – ‘Drivel’
Fingathing – ‘Walk In Space’
ZOID – ‘The Funk (Out Of The Program)’
The Prodigy – ‘One Love’
God Knows – ‘VHS 3:16’
Stone Cold Steve Austin – ‘I Won’t Do What You Tell Me’
Bleeding Heart Pigeons – ‘Walk’

Hour 2:

Bjork – ‘Venus As A Boy’
Fia Moon – ‘Better Days’
Electro Sensitive Behaviour (feat: Perry Blake) – ‘Human Machine’
Alex Gough – ‘Be Kind’
Jamie Adam – ‘Sir David Attenborough’
Warpaint – ‘Billie Holiday’
Rollerskate Skinny – ‘One Thousand Couples’
Silverbacks – ‘Muted Gold’
Talking Heads – ‘Once In A Lifetime’
Broadway Project – ‘Deep State Theme’
Rebel Phoenix (feat: Melina Malone) – ‘Care For You’
7APES x ENAKA – ‘City Of Angels’
Tim Burgess – ‘Sweetheart Mercury’
Five Go Down To The Sea – ‘The Glee Club’
FreezerRoom – ‘Temptation’
The Sei – ‘Lumen – Polar Bears’

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