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Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Tuesday, May 19:

Sofi Tukker – ‘Best Friend’
Nadine Shah – ‘Buckfast’
Beck – ‘Devil’s Haircut’

Turnstiles – ‘I.D.C ‘

The Legendary Tigerman (feat: Peaches) – ‘She’s A Hellcat’
Peaches – ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’
The Clockworks – ‘The Future Is Not What It Was’

The Invisible – ‘Generational’
Chaka Khan – ‘Like Sugar’
Jungle – ‘Heavy, California’
R.S.A.G. – ‘The Jungle’
Deltron 3030 – ‘City Rising From The Ashes’
Janelle Monae – ‘Cold War’

God Knows – ‘Kettle On’
Wasps Vs Humans – ‘Lou Reed’

The Velvet Underground – ‘Venus In Furs’

Hour 2:

Portishead – ‘Wandering Star’
The Expert – ‘Ravensdale’
Modest Mouse – ‘Float On’
Vernon Jane – ‘Float’
The Murder Capital – ‘Don’t Cling To Life’ (Live at Maida Vale)

The Libertines – ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’
Sick Love – ‘I’m So’
Sister Ghost – ‘Bruised Fruit’

Mudhoney – ‘Overblown’
Fonda – ‘Beside Yourself’
Joy Division – ‘Shadowplay’
Emika – ‘Sleep In The Day’
Una Keane – ‘Typewriter Song’
Bell X1 – ‘Starlings Over Brighton Pier’

Underground Lovers – ‘St. Germaine’
Anna Meredith – ‘The Vapours’

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