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Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Tuesday, February 11:

Skepta – ‘Pure Water’

AE Mak – ‘Love Flush’
Depeche Mode – ‘People Are People’
Le Groupe Fantastique – ‘Counterfeit’
Bat For Lashes – ‘Pearl’s Dream’

G-Flip – ‘Killing My Time’
Project (feat: SavWithTheSilva) – ‘Whoosh’
Rage Against The Machine – ‘Township Rebellion’
Rage Against The Machine – ‘Testify’
Bitch Falcon – ‘Damp Breath’
Sister Ghost – ‘Limbo’
Interpol – ‘Take You On A Cruise’
First Class & Coach – ‘Detroit’
Sufjan Stevens – ‘Chicago’

Hour 2:

Saint Sister (feat: Jafaris) – ‘Causing Trouble’ (Kormac Remix)

Jafaris – ‘Found My Feet’
Thom Yorke – ‘Harrowdown Hill’

Wastefellow – ‘Philosophy Plastic’

Thundercat – ‘Bus In These Streets’

Bedrooms – ‘Bus Lanes’

Courtney Barnett – ‘Porcelain’

Skins F.C. – ‘Praise Me’
Beck – ‘Sexx Laws’

Alex Gough – ‘Fool

Smoothboi Ezra – ‘Messing With My Head’
Kid Loco (feat: Katrina Mitchell) – ‘Love Me Sweet’
Joan As Police Woman – ‘Talk About It Later’
Fox Jaw – ‘Sun Goes Sideways’
Nadine Shah – ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’

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