Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, June 6:

Childish Gambino – ‘This Is America’
Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Seraphim’
Sacred Animals – ‘Maya Liminal’
Billie Eilish – ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’
Rusangano Family – ‘Soul Food’
God Knows (feat: Awir Leon) – ‘Crown’
M.I.A & AR Rahman – ‘O… Saya’
Sebastian (feat: M.I.A.) – ‘C.T.F.O.’
Ultramagnetic MC’s – ‘Travelling At The Speed Of Thought’
Run DMC (feat: Aerosmith) – ‘Walk This Way’
Silverbacks – ‘Pink Tide’
Courtney Barnett – ‘Debbie Downer’
Tomorrows – ‘Specters’
Radiohead – ‘Spectre’
Radiohead – ‘Everything In Its Right Place’
Cat  Turner – ‘Situation’

Hour 2:

U2 – ‘Acrobat’
Bantum – ‘Move’
Caribou – ‘Sun’
Skepta (feat: Boy Better Know) – ‘Gangsta’
N.W.A. – ‘Gangsta Gangsta’
The Academic – ‘Superlike’
The Divine Comedy – ‘Queue Jumper’
Nina Hynes & The Husbands – ‘Fitness’
Nina Hynes interview
Nina Hynes & The Husbands – ‘Watch You Crawl’
Pip Blom – ‘Set Of Stairs’
Soda Blonde – ‘Swimming Through The Night’
R.E.M. – ‘Night Swimming’
Soak – ‘Sea Creatures’
The Weather In Hum – ‘Pocket Full Of Dread’

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