Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, July 16:


Biig Piig – ‘Switch’
M.I.A. – ‘XXXO’
Curve – ‘Already Yours’
Power Of Dreams – ‘America’
Just Mustard – ‘Seven’
Garbage – ‘Vow’
The Clockworks – ‘Can I Speak To A Manager Please?’
Wyvern Lingo – ‘Don’t Say It’
Janelle Monae – ‘Crazy Classic Life’
Jacknife Lee – ‘Flow’

NEOMADiC (feat: Why Axis) – ‘S.O.S’
Dread Zeppelin – ‘Whole Lotta Love’
BP Fallon – ‘I Believe In Elvis Presley’
First Class & Coach – ‘Mischa’
The Kills – ‘List Of Demands (Reparations)’

Hour 2:

Saul Williams – ‘List Of Demands (Reparations)’
Denise Chaila – ‘CHAILA’
Loah – ‘The Bailey’ (PlantFood Remix)
Sinead O’Brien – ‘Roman Ruins’
Silverbacks – ‘Silberrücken’
Silverbacks – ‘Dunkirk’
LCD Soundsystem – ‘I Can Change’
One Morning In August – ‘Believe’
Drug Store Romeos – ‘Quotations For Locations’
Grant Lee Buffalo – ‘Jupiter & Teardrop’
Aislinn Logan – ‘What Everybody’s After’
Nicha – ‘Devices’
Kormac (feat: Irvine Welsh) – ‘Another Screen’
Rejjie Snow – ‘The Ends’
Sultans Of Ping FC – ‘Turnip Fish’
Boy Foolish – ‘Horsey!’

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