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Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, February 13:


Metric – ‘Help, I’m Alive’
Sofi Tukker – ‘Purple Hat’
Beck – ‘Devil’s Haircut’
Skinner – ‘Sometimes My Brain Is Goo’

Ebony Bones – ‘I See I Say’
Les Amazones D’Afrique – ‘Smile’

Rogan x Omega – ‘Murder She Wrote’

N.W.A. – ‘Straight Outa Compton’

Little Simz – ‘Boss’

Sick Love – ‘Bad Girl’

Jane’s Addiction – ‘Been Caught Stealing’
Los Bitchos – ‘The Link Is About To Die’
Smoothboi Ezra – ‘Messing With My Head’
Dream Wife – ‘Love Without Reason’
Odd Morris – ‘Cold Water’

Hour 2:

Hole – ‘Doll Parts’
Turnstiles – ‘Tantrum’
Pillow Queens – ‘Favourite’
Beauty Sleep – ‘Be Kind’
Glimmermen – ‘Dream Engine’ (Session)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Y Control’
Jafaris – ‘Stride’
Jafaris interview
Jafaris – ‘Temple’
Spooks – ‘Karma Hotel’
Happyalone – ‘I Need More Than Drugs (Just To Get Me Through The Night)’

Wesley Gonzalez – ‘Change’
Tomas Barfod (feat: Nina Kinert) – ‘Pulsing’
Lemon Jelly – ‘Space Walk’

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