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Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) -Monday, September 14:


M83 – ‘Midnight City’ 
Christian Cohle – ‘Wallflower’ 
Christine & The Queens – ‘Tilted’ 
T.A. Narrative – ‘Lifting You Higher’ 
Primal Scream – ‘Higher Than The Sun’ 
TEEFF – ‘Sun Sets East’ 
Blood Donor – ‘Under The Sun’ 
God Knows (feat: Skripteh, Nealo, Mango & Rebel Phoenix) – Who’s Asking? (East Coast Allstars Remix) 
Scary Eire – ‘Strength’ 
Mango x MathMan (feat: Lisa Hannigan) – ‘Deep Blue’ 
Kynsy – ‘Cold Blue Light’ 
Beck – ‘Blue Moon’ 
Moon Looks On – ‘Razor Wire Skies’ 
Ulrich Schnauss – ‘Between Us & Them’ 
Hour 2: 
U2 – ‘Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk/Korova 1’ 
Alex Gough – ‘Backseat’ 
Alexis K – ‘Sundance At Dawn’ 
Somebody’s Child – ‘We Could Start A War’ (Le Boom Remix) 
MGMT – ‘Weekend Wars’ 
Magazines – ‘Happy Alone’ 
Happyalone – ‘Silk’  
Glass Animals – ‘Gooey’ 
Glass Animals – ‘Dreamland’ 
Glass Animals – ‘Youth’ 
Gemma Dunleavy – ‘Up De Flats’ 
Denise Chaila – ‘Down’Sampha – ‘No One Knows Me (Like The Piano)’ 
Actress (feat: Sampha) – ‘Walking Flames’ 
BICEP – ‘Atlas’ 

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