Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Monday, December 3:

(Photo by Getty Images)

Roisin Murphy – ‘Narcissus’
!!! – ‘Off The Grid’

Soft Pill – ‘Mond’
Bitch Falcon – ‘Damp Breath’
L7 – ‘Pretend We’re Dead’
Drug Store Romeos – ‘Now You’re Moving’

Supergrass – ‘Sun Hits The Sky’

The Ills – ‘I Am My Own Weakness Darling’
Kate Tempest – ‘Lonely Daze’
Kate Tempest – ‘Firesmoke’

Little Simz – ‘Flowers’

MuRli – ‘Unbreakable’
Rusangano Family – ‘Tea In A Pot’

Rage Against The Machine – ‘Testify’

Hour 2:

Rage Against The Machine – ‘Kick Out The Jams’
Last Survivor – ‘Rognor’s Arena’
Crystal Castles – ‘Magic Spells’
Will De Burca (feat: Aoife Underwater) – ‘The Sound Of The End Of The Night’
milk. – ‘A Little More’

The Honeymoon – ‘Summer’s Gone’
Delorentos – ‘You Say You’ll Never Love Her’
Sinking With Love – ‘By Your Side’
Tricky – ‘Christiansands’
Conchur White – ‘Daisies’
Favourite Sons – ‘Safe For All Seasons’

Shookrah – ‘Crumbling’
Vicktor Taiwo – ‘Letters I Wrote’
U2 – ‘Unknown Caller’
The Late David Turpin (feat: Gar Cox) – ‘What The Winter Brings’

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