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Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Friday, September 4:

The Prodigy

Major Lazer (feat: Mr Lexxx & Santigold) – ‘Hold The Line’ 
Toby Kaar – ‘Snapdragon’ 
The Avalanches – ‘Subways’ 
Christian Cohle – ‘Wallflower’ 
Radiohead – ‘Lotus Flower’ 
Kynsy – ‘Cold Blue Light’ 
TOYGIRL – ‘Poison’ 
The Prodigy – ‘Poison’ 
Jilted – ‘No Matter’ 
Peaches – ‘Flip This’ 
7 Daughters – ‘Ultimatum’ 
Vernon Jane – ‘Over’ 
Virgin Prunes – ‘Baby Turns Blue’ 
Bullet Girl – ‘Concrete Bed’ 
Hour 2: 

God Knows (feat: Skripteh, Nealo, Mango & Rebel Phoenix) – Who’s Asking? (East Coast Allstars Remix) 
Scary Eire – ‘Dole Gueue’ 
Celaviedmai (feat: Nealo) – ‘Questions’ 
Lethal Dialect x JackKnifeJ (feat: Jess Kav) – ‘26 Laws’ 
Jorja Smith – ‘Rose Rouge’ 
Ashley MacIsaac (feat: Mary Jane Lamond) – ‘Sleepy Maggie’ 
Everything Shook – ‘New York FM’ 
The Lemon Twigs live at the Montreux Jazz Festival (2017) 
‘Night Song’ 
Baby, Baby’ 
We Cut Corners – ‘Muscle Memory’ 
Emperor Of Icecream – ‘William’ 
Inhaler – ‘Fade Into You’ 
Mazzy Star – ‘Into Dust’ 

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