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Playlist – No Static with Handsome Paddy – Sunday September 22

Jamael Dean – People Tell Olo [Stones Throw]

Fleet Dreams – 888 [All City Records]

Danny Brown – Dirty Laundry [Warp]

Danny Brown – Best Life [Warp]

A Sagittariun – Last Train To Tucumcari [Elastic Dreams]

GavinDaVinci – ETHOS X Tamara Hall [PX Music]

GavinDaVinci – XX Feat Outsider YP [PX Music]

Big Sean ft. A$AP Ferg & Hitboy – Bezerk [Def Jam]

Blade Brown ft. Fredo – No Lie [Catalyst]

K Trap – Big Mood [Black Butter]

Sudan Archives – Confessions [Stones Throw]

Homeboy Sandman – Far out [Mello Music Group]

Sun Angels – Freja [LyxLiv]

Shades of Gray – Volca Bolts (Jamie Stevens Remix) [Beef]

Regularfantasy – Plushied (Plush Managements Mix) [Pear]

Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard) [Accidental Jr]

Matrefakt ft Poppi  – Tree To Tree [Of Unsound Mind]

Rex The Dog – Experimental Housing [Soft Computing]

Photonz – Avalon [Dark Entries]

DABJ X Big Miz – CYT [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]

Shee – Me, You, Us [House of Disco]

SAUL – No Fuss No Fight (ft. Brother Portrait) [Rhythm Section International]

Mark Mackenzie – Terrafirma [Kouncil Kuts]

The Cyclist – Skateboarding In the Jungle (Mor Elian Remix) [Hypercolour]

Four Tet – Anna Painting (Text)

Al Wooton – Body Healthy [TRULE]

Peak & Swift – Floppy [renate Schallplatten]

Neil Landstrumm – Hell Is Other People ft Si Begg (Unknown To The Unknown)

Kojaque & Luka Palm – Phoenix [Soft Boy]

A$AP Rocky – Babushka Boi [A$AP Forever]

Cromby – Cruising [Unknown To The Unknown]

Naive Ted ft. Citrus Fresh – Protein (Glycerol Mix)

Operating Theatre – Syllable [Allchival]

Tommy Holohan – Father [Haven

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