Playlist – The Alternative (with Dan Hegarty) – Thursday, February 16


Jain – ‘Makeba’
Prince – ‘Gold’
BARQ – ‘Bear’
Soak – ‘Reckless Behavior’
Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bulls On Parade’
Run The Jewels – ‘Everybody Stay Calm’
The Kills – ‘U R A Fever’
Gypsies On The Autobahn – ‘Hidden’
Ibeyi – ‘Stranger/Lover’ (Mura Masa Remix)
Marxman – ‘Drifting’
Depeche Mode – ‘In Your Room’
Rejjie Snow – ‘Crooked Cops’
Tommy KD – ‘Steppin’ Out’
DJ Shadow – ‘Walkie Talkie’
DJ Shadow – ‘Nobody Speak’
DJ Shadow – ‘Why Hip Hop Sucks in ‘96’
DJ Shadow – ‘Fixed Income’

Hour 2:

Rocksteady Crew

Rock Steady Crew – ‘(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew’
exmagician – ‘Desperado’ (High Noon Mix)
Odd Nosdam – ‘Ethereal Slap’
Tinariwen – ‘Hayati’
Fever Ray – ‘If I Had A Heart’
Jiggy – ‘Head Rush’
Cypress Hill – ‘Insane In The Brain’

Hare Squead live at Eurosonic:
‘Around Here’
‘If I Ask’

Djaikovski (feat: MC Wasp & Ghetto Priest) – ‘Lion’s Den’
Shiny Darkly – ‘Dead Stars’

Hour 3:

Come On Live Long

Come On Live Long – ‘Bones To Break’
A House – ‘I’ll Always Be Grateful’
Jonny Rep – ‘Call Me Soon’
Nina Simone – ‘Here Comes The Sun’
Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – ‘Die Easy’
Jesca Hoop – ‘Pegasi’
R.E.M. – ‘At My Most Beautiful’
Warm Digits (feat: Field Music) – ‘End Times’
Malcolm McLaren – ‘Buffalo Gal’
Scary Eire – ‘Strength’
Tomas Barfod (feat: Nina Kinert) – ‘Pulsing’
Three Underneath – ‘Stay’
BP Fallon – ‘Hot Tongue’ (Aural Sect Mix)
Hollowbelly – ‘Shotgun’
David Holmes – ‘Living Room’ (Kevin Shields Remix)

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