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Lucy Spraggan: I’ve battled back from depression to take control of my career

Interview with Lucy Spraggan will be broadcast Monday on RTÉ 2XM

Musician Lucy Spraggan has opened up about her struggle to readjust to life after success as a singer. The Buxton born musician was carving out a career for herself in 2011, when she decided to audition for the X-Factor.

Spraggan was the first person ever to perform an original song at the audition stage. The track ‘Last Night‘ was an instant hit with fans of the show and music lovers alike. In the end though the disillusioned musician withdrew from X-Factor having missed some of the live shows due to illness.

In a wide ranging interview with RTÉ 2XM’s Darren Cleary, which will be broadcast on Monday June 1st on In Colour, the 23-year-old spoke about the drawbacks of overnight success and how after making her, the television talent show came close to breaking her.

“I had a top 10 album in 2013. It was great and then out of nowhere I had a complete breakdown, I just lost myself. I didn’t know anything about me anymore. I was probably quite mentally ill. I was put on prozac and xanax and just told everything was ok, when I knew it wasn’t. I needed to find out what I wanted and that was to write music and go on tour, that was what made me happy again.”

Lucy admits that the most difficult thing to deal with was a year of writer’s block, arising from a battle with depression which saw her prescribed prozac and xanax. The medication stifled her creativity, a side effect which inflicted more misery on the distressed singer.

“I didn’t write for a year, in my whole life that had never happened. Since I could pick up a pen I was writing and being creative but for a whole year after that first album I didn’t write a single song, I couldn’t do anything. Then I wrote a song called ‘uninspired’ which is about being on the X-Factor, its on my new album.”

“I was at a horrendous low” Spraggan added: “I was depressed but I want other people who feel like that to know you can come out of it. This album is about being defiant, staying above the water and getting back to being happy.”

Lucy Spraggan spent the early years of her music career trying desperately to get a record deal, last year she walked away from Columbia and set up her own company CTRL. She explained her decision to leave her label.

“I got the option for a new album with Columbia, which is the biggest record label in the World and don’t get me wrong it was an honour to be on that roster and I enjoyed being there.”

“I had a great experience, but I wanted to start my own label and take full control of my career. Now the only person who’s expectations I need to achieve are mine and there’s no pressure and it’s really nice.

The full interview with Lucy Spraggan will be broadcast on In Colour with Darren Cleary Monday from 8pm on RTÉ 2XM. Lucy’s third album ‘We Are’ is is available now to download on iTunes.

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