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Independent’s Day – Episode 6

Rusted Rail is a Micro-Independent record label based in Galway. Founded by Keith Wallace in 2006, it releases alternative folk, post-rock and psych music.

Keith had a chat about the 13 years of the label, the importance of artwork and packaging and the changes he’s seen in the indie music scene in Ireland over the years. He records under the name Loner Deluxe and we hear some of his music in the show.

A Lilac Decline

The interview was recorded at the art studio of visual artist Cecila Dannell. She has released music on the label as A Lilac Decline and she shares how taking part in a collaborative project gave her more confidence and her input into the design of her album.

Aaron Coyne

Yawning Chasm is Galway folk singer Aaron Coyne. He describes the differences between releasing his music himself on Bandcamp and on Rusted Rail. Music from Cubs and Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon is also heard on this episode.

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