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Independent’s Day – Episode 10

Out on a Limb Records are one of the longest running indie labels in Ireland. Started in Limerick in 2003, there are twelve (reasonably) active acts on the label, ranging from folk to indie/ alt-rock to progressive metal.

OOAL celebrated their 15th birthday in Summer 2018 at Dolan’s in Limerick and founder Richard Bourke spoke about setting up the label with Albert Twomey, who has since left. Ciarán Ryan came on board and has been involved with the label ever since. They both discuss the ups and downs of running an indie label and what kind of teenager Out on a Limb would be.

Steve Ryan was in giveamanakick, who were the first band released on the label. His current band Windings are still closely connected to the label and Steve was instrumental in arranging the 15th birthday party gig.


Ciarán Smith has been attached to OOAL with his band Crayonsmith and recently under the solo guise of Nome King. He explains what it’s like to be a musician but also having to pay the bills and how the label has supported his music over the years.

Ciarán Smith

There is music from their two bands along with Jogging, Owensie and giveamanakick in the show.

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