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Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: September 30th

Alex Gough

Peter has two hours of the best in soulful, underground sounds with new Irish music tonight from Alex Gough, Emiji, Moon Paw Print, Post Punk Podge, Sean Being, April and Willzee.

Plus new tracks from Romare, Mor Elian, Call Super & Parris, Binker Golding and more…

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Romare // Danger [Ninja Tune]

Jaimie Branch // twenty-three n me, jupiter redux [International Anthem]

Daniel Maunick // Until The End [Far Out Recordings]

Tom Zé // Mã [Mr. Bongo]

Blackpocket // Wake Up Feel Good [Exit Records]

Alex Gough // Dear SJ [Self]

Sean Being // Eyes [wherethetimegoes]

Daniel Casimir & Tess Hirst // Security [jazz re:freshed]

Afriqua // Sociodelic [R&S Records]

Shookrah // Notions [Broken Records]

Mor Elian // Radical Spectacular [Fever AM]

Neue Grafik ft. Allysha Joy // Hotel Laplace [Total Refreshment Centre]

Bertil Strandberg Kvintett // Cambodia [Frederiksberg Records]

Organic Pulse Ensemble // Spring River [Urban Waves Records]

April // Through The Late Night [Self]

Moon Paw Print // Bound2be [SLAN Collective]

jar jar jr // Quandary on Wandesford Quay [Radio Juicy]  

Emiji // Katharsis [Self]

Call Super & Parris // Majenta [CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK]

John Coltrane // Naima (Take 1) [Impulse! Records]

submerse ft. Devin Morrison & Pink Siifu // Flashback [Project Mooncircle]

DJ Bleak Stack X Post Punk Podge // Generation Xanax [Forthcoming]

Brainstory // Sorry [Big Crown Records]  

Matthew Halsall // The Traveller [Gondwana Records]

Binker Golding // Exquisite She-Green [Gearbox Records]

Willzee // No Spudz [Self]

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