Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: September 2nd

Peter is back live for the first show of the new season with a bag full of quality music including Kojaque & Luka Palm, Boku, 40hurtz, Tenesha The Wordsmith, Nealo ft. INNRSPACE, Naive Ted, Biig Piig, Ahu, Stomptown Brass & Paddy Mulcahy…

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Petter Eldh’s Koma Saxo // Port Koma [We Jazz]

Kojaque & Luka Palm // Airbnb [Soft Boy Records]

Boku // Rise [Soul Jamz Records]

Four Tet // Lahaina Noon [Text]

Jano One ft. Benos // Super Ono [Fada]

Sir Frank Karikari & The Polyversal Souls // Odo Agye Me [Philophon]

Stomptown Brass // One Last Time [Self]

Nealo ft. INNRSPACE // Angel On My Shoulder [DFL Records]

40hurtz // The Rain Cycle [Self]

Tenesha The WordSmith // Corny Ass Poem [On The Corner]

Connie Price & The Keystones ft. M.O.P., Javi Rockwell & Blk Shakespeare // Dusk ‘Til Dawn [A Man Called Horse]  

Ghost Funk Orchestra // A Song For Paul [Karma Chief]

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy // Gots Style? [Wax Museum Records]

K15 & SMBD // Oceans [Apron]

Salami Rose Joe Louis // She Wakes Up / First Dimension [Brainfeeder]

Naïve Ted // Weatherman [Unscene]

Sampa The Great // Freedom [Ninja Tune]

Carlton Jumel Smith & Cold Diamond & Mink // Love Our Love Affair [Timmion]

Us // Flying Easy [Aloha Got Soul]

Gaby Hernandez // Cosmic Beach [Mr. Bongo]

Raphael Saadiq // I’m Feeling Love [Columbia Records] 

Biig Piig // Sunny [Sony Music Entertainment]

Gawd Status // Messiah Hybrids [Tru Thoughts]

JTC // Innerloire Rendezvous [Ghostly International]  

Actualacid // CRUSH [Hausu]

Kalbata ft. Tigris // Satan Speaks [Fortuna Records]

Steve Lacy // Playground [3QTR]

west1ne // lose control [Self]

Shigeto // Back To Basics [Ghostly International]

Sonido Gallo Negro // Chaneque [Names You Can Trust]

Ahu // Go [Epic Istanbul]

Gerardo Frisina & Toco // Ta’ Na Hora [Schema]

Paddy Mulcahy // How To Disappear [Phases Records]

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