Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: May 4th

Cami Cami

New Irish music this week from Dreamcycles, Royal Yellow, Luthorist, April, Deathbed Convert, Zissou & Julia Louise Knifefist and The Vendetta Suite.

Emcee Cami chats about her recent ‘Genesis’ ep and Peter pays tribute to the legendary drummer and co-creator of Afrobeat; Tony Allen.

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|| Tony Allen Tribute Mix ||

Tony Allen // Crazy Afrobeat [Comet]

Tony Allen With Afrobeat 2000 // When One Road Close (Another One Go Open) [Mercury]

Tony Allen Plays With Afrika 70 // No Accommodation For Lagos [Polydor]

Tony Allen // Secret Agent [World Circuit]

Tony Allen // Losun [Honest Jon’s Records]

Fela Anikulapo Kuti & The Afrika 70 // Colonial Mentality [Kalakuta Records]

Rocket Juice & The Moon // Follow-Fashion [Honest Jon’s Records]

Tony Allen & The Afro Messengers // Road Safety [Grandstar Records]

Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen // Three Continents [Strut Records]

|| Ends ||

Denise Chaila // Down [narolane records]

Aratita Electronik Jazz Quintet // Fables Of The Solar Gods [Forthcoming Fly High Society]

Sim Simma // East Wall Floods 1954 [Sim Simma Records]

|| Words & Music with Cami ||

Cami // Moon [Self]

LEEM // Ripple (instrumental) [Self]

Brand Juno ft. Cami // Aze [Self]

LEEM // White Wine (Instrumental) [Self]

Cami // Babylon [Self]

LEEM // Inside Out (Instrumental) [Self]

Cami // Inside Out [Self]

Cami & Gadget & The Cloud // How Will You Sleep Tonight [Unreleased]

|| Ends ||

Royal Yellow // May The First [Self]

Zissou & Julia Louise Knifefist ft. Xulfer Dica // Work [Forthcoming]

Timbo Tonez // Reuben On A Mission [Self]

The Vendetta Suite // Shut Up Ya Doors Dub [Nocturne Records]  

Luthorist // Golden Shackles [NUXSENSE]

Deathbed Convert // Labyrinths [Touch Sensitive]

Dreamcycles // Memory Laneways [Queeste Records]

April // What I’d Do For You [2020 Vision]

GavinDaVinci // Fishouttawatercantbreathe [Self]

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