Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: January 6th

Cooks, But We're Chefs in Studio 8

Peter is back for his first show of 2020!

New Irish music tonight from Clerk 5, Matt Finnegan, Hazey Hazy & Rosheen, Aminah & Khan, Solkatt, po-lar-ity, Colmorto, GAPTOOF. & Archy Moor, Ghostking is Dead, Themisto Man and Trá Pháidín.

Plus Cooks, But We’re Chefs recorded in session in Studio 8 and in conversation!

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Jeff Parker // Go Away [International Anthem]

Ahmed Sirour // A Beat Supreme (John Coltrane flipped) [Self]

Deantoni Parks – Technoself // Westwave [Self]

Clerk 5 // Queso Azul [Unscene Music]

po-lar-ity ft. anne wirz // resolution [Yoruba Records]

Muriel Grossman // Union [RR Gems]

Jai Ho // Oye Maia [Jazz 45]

GAPTOOF. ft. Archy Moor // Scoop [Self]

Hazey Haze x Rosheen // First Impressions [PX Music]

Matt Finnegan // Wa Dem Say [Thrust]

Sibusile Xaba // Uyahlupha [Komos Jazz]

Colmorto // Canaveral [Torto Editions]

Aminah & Khan ft. Al Doherty // Freedom Will Come [AMS]

Solkatt // Caribone [Forthcoming] 

Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive // Wandering Star [Meta Records]

|| Cooks, But We’re Chefs in Words & Studio 8 Session ||

Cooks, But We’re Chefs // Tough Frank [Self]

Cooks, But We’re Chefs // Stella Marris (Studio 8 Session)

Cooks, But We’re Chefs // Sunshine [Self]

Cooks, But We’re Chefs // MOTU (Studio 8 Session)

Cooks, But We’re Chefs // Tembe Road (Studio 8 Session)

|| Ends ||

Yoh // Old Leopard Paws [Youngbloods]

Madison McFerrin // Fallin’ [Self]

Steam Heat // Since I Met You [Dynamite Cuts]

Ghostking is Dead // Fever Dreaming [Hausu]

Themisto Man // Awkward Conversation in the Steam Room [First Cut]

Free Nationals ft. Benny Sings // Apartment [OBE]

Bakaka Band // Gondonimada Jira (Choose Freedom) [Analog Africa]

Trá Pháidín // Set A hAon [Sunshine Cult Records]

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