Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: April 20th

Peter has new Irish music from Krome, Brave Young Soldier, R.Kitt, Dragon Roots, Shy Mascot LerLoons, Matt Finnegan, Code, Post Punk Podge & Acid Granny, Uwmami, Oswald, Daser, Gavin DaVinci and Chief Keegan

Plus a look at Dublin imprint wherethetimegoes with Dean McGrath

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Andre Gibson & Universal Togetherness Band // Thankful For You [Numero Group]

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange // Rendezvous [TheJazzDiaries]

Roberta Flack // Tryin’ Times [Atlantic]

Buli ft. Amarafleur // Can I Kick I [Alpha Pup]

R.Kitt // What You Want [Orainn]

▲㉿ꀤ▲ // FR Hold [Self]

Krome // Brain Disease [PX Music]

Liam de Bruin // Isolation [Self]

Shabazz Palaces // Ad Ventures [Sub Pop]

Gavin DaVinci // Woopty Woop [Self]

Fresh Bread // Satin Doll (live on the internet) [Self]

Romaal Kultan // Why Not [Tiff’s Joints]

Shy Mascot // Slaps [Self]

Matt Finnegan // M50 [Forthcoming First Second Label] 

|| Label Focus: wherethetimesgoes with Dean McGrath ||

lastminuteman // Phi (Phi Me To The Moon) [wherethetimesgoes]

Lee Kelly // Ending In the Abyss [wherethetimesgoes]

Odd Ned // Baganese Chants [wherethetimesgoes]

Cailín // UA [wherethetimesgoes]

Sean Being // Paint [wherethetimesgoes]

All Times Now Nothing // Gut [wherethetimesgoes]

Rising Damp // In Blue [wherethetimesgoes]

|| Ends ||

Uwmami // Rhythm Roulette [Self]

dragon roots. // Smile [Self]

|| Music Is Our Remedy – Classic Isolation Albums ||

Carlos Garnett // Ghetto Jungle [Muse Records]

Carlos Garnett // Good Shepard [Muse Records]

|| Ends || 

Max Roach // Absolutions [Atlantic]

Fixity // For Some [Self]

Code // Sunday Jazz [Unreleased]

LerLoons // Chicken’n’Ramen . [Self]

Brave Young Soldier // The Crane [Forthcoming Brave Young Records] 

Post Punk Podge x Acid Granny // Quack [Self]

Ozwald // Prey [Flood Records]

Daser // Low Serotonin [Extended Play]

Chief Keegan // Senior Sherry [Self] 

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