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Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: April 15th

Peter presents his first round up of 2019 featuring the choice cuts from the past 3 months!

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Denise Chaila // Copper Bullet [Self]

Little Simz // Venom [AGE 101 MUSIC]

Lakker // Murmuration [R&S]

Paj // Friends Confused [Self]

SertOne // Spectres [Unreleased]

Ruby Rushton // The Target [22a]

Kit Sebastian // Mantra Moderne [Mr. Bongo]

Theon Cross // Activate [Gearbox Records]

Planting // Fortunes [Forthcoming]

Glen Hansard // I’ll Be You, Be Me [Anti//Records]

Kamaal Williams // New Heights (Visions of Aisha Malik) [Black Focus]

Cleo Sol // One [Forever Living Originals]

Devin Morrison ft. Ace Hashimoto // Guaranteed [NBN Records]

GavinDaVinci ft. Strange Boy Nature, Hazey & Citrus // GakkII [Forthcoming]

Strange Boy Nature // String Theory [Self]

Fixity // Becoming An Earthworm [Penske Recordings]

PowPig // Mayday [Out On A Limb]

Clerk 5 // Bobby [Unscene]

Clever Austin ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow // You Are All You Need [Touching Bass]

God Knows ft. Awir Leon // Crown [Self]

Dim Grimm // Neuna [Self]

DJ Fulltono // Keeper [Exit Records]

Rokaia // Recidivus [Self]

Marcus Woods // Saturn V [Burner Records]

Solange // My Skin My Logo [Columbia]

Hazey Haze // This Is My City [PX Music]

IAMDDB // Diary Entries [Union IV Recordings]

Kaytranada // Well I Bet Ya [All City]

Sunken Foal // How Much is a Lot and How Long is Lately? [Countersunk Records]

Kojaque // Flu Shot [Soft Boy Records]

Alfa Mist // Retainer [Self]

New Jackson // The Gono Line [Permanent Vacation]

Palomo Wendel // Mawataneres [Self]  

Biig Piig // Nothing Changes [Self]

Nikitch // Not So Much [Cascade Records]

Kodu // Mosaic [Self]

Jesse Gannon // Whatever [Yoruba Soul Records]

Angel Bat Dawid // What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs) [International Anthem]

Jafaris // Brother’s Keeper [Self]

Mira Calix // Rightclick [Warp]

Salaam Remi & Terrace Martin // Carrot Juice [Flying Buddha Records]

Sim Simma Soundsystem ft. God Knows // Pass the Aux Cord [Self]

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah ft. Logan Richardson // Songs She Never Heard [Ropeadope]  

Black Flower // Hora de Aksum [Sdban Ultra]

Sarah Tandy // Timelord [Jazz Re:freshed]

Tenesha The Wordsmith ft. Tamar Collocutor // Again [On The Corner]

Paul Gilgunn // Here We Are Now: Part 10 (Coda) [Self]

Dexter Story ft. Marie Daulne // Jijiga Jijiya [Soundway Records]

Souleance // La La La [First Word Records]  

Cailbre // Break That [The Nothing Special]  

Rosie Turton // Butterfly [Jazz re:freshed]  

Tommy Guerrero // A Distant Closeness [Too Good]

HUVA ft. Ganiyu TLG & Chili // Jolly [PX Music]

Swarvy // moo[Blend] [Self]

Dolenz ft. Guilty Simpson // Pull [Exit Records]

Shafiq Husayn ft. Bilal // Between Us 2 [Eglo Records]

Jimi Tenor ft. Florence Adooni & Lizzy Amaliyenga // Vocalize [Philophon]

Noname ft. Phoelix // Song 31 [Self]

Nubiyan Twist ft. Mulatu Astatke // Addis to London [Strut]

101 Beats Per Minute // Drill [Countersunk Records]

J-E-T-S ft. Mykki Blanco // PLAY [Innovative Leisure]

The Comet Is Coming // Astral Flying [Impulse!]

Not Earth // No Sh*t VI [Self]

Zongamin // Cosmic Serpent [Multi Cult]

Davy Kehoe // The Pilot (Part 2) [Wah Wah Wino]

Black Taffy // Geraldine [Leaving Records]

Odd Ned // Baganese Chants [WhereTheTimesGoes]

Wastefellow // On The Dry [Soft Boy Records]

The Cinematic Orchestra ft. Roots Manuva // A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life [Ninja Tune]  

Po-lar-ity ft. Leeto B Thale // We Are Brothers [Yoruba]

Quantic // Atlantic Oscillations [Tru Thoughts]

Ras G & The African Space Program // Long Gone [Akashik Records]

t-woc // Marty EEK [Forthcoming]

Kean Kavanagh // Coca Cola Sky [Soft Boy Records]

Naeth – It’s My Job [Move Slow Records]  

Solkatt // Meridian [Forthcoming]

Gadget And The Cloud // Too Soon To Say [Self]

Vibration Black Finger // Song For Enid [Enid Records]

Brién // Luv Getter [Self]

Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies // Stab City’s Burnin’ [Self]

C.O.B // NonChalant [Base Life]

Fehdah // Saharakungoh [Self]

Guts // Kenke Corner [Heavenly Sweetness]

Seven Davis Jr // One of Us [Secret Angels]

Outsider YP x Jay Ronic // STAMPEDE [Outsiders ENT]

Mike Slott // Mayday [Self]

Wukah // A Night In A Box [Vision Collective Recordings]

Dwight Trible // Standing In The Need Of Prayer [Gearbox Records]

Cailín // UA [wherethetimegoes]

New Members // Good Morning [Pear]

Tamara Hall // XYZ Example [Forthcoming]

ELLLL // Pepsi [Glacial Industries]

Mango X Mathman // No Surrender F.M. [Self]

Shlohmo // The End [Friends of Friends]

Resavoir // Escalator (Demo Version) [International Anthem]

R.Kitt // Time Is Ours [Born Sleepy]

Nick Waterhouse // Black Glass [Innovative Leisure]

Pacific Yew // (((( Bundy )))) [Hot Record Societe]

ZASKA ft. BARQ // My Body [Self]

KOKOROKO // Uman [Brownswood]

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