Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: April 13th

Lee Kelly

New Irish music tonight from Toby Karr, Amanda Feery, Whozyerman?, Uwmami, DG, LerLoons, Danny Deepo, Lethal Dialect, SENU and ZOiD.

New tracks also from Daedelus, Ben Haukes, Cleo Sol, Princess Nokia and Mourning [A] BLKstar.

The classic isolation album of the week comes from Michael White plus producer Lee Kelly in conversation.

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|| Shine A Light Mix ||

Michael Kiwanuka // Light [Polydor]

Quantic & Alice Russell // I’ll Keep My Light In My Window [Tru Thoughts]

Sun Ra Quartet // When There Is No Sun [Strut Records]

|| Ends ||

Mike Steva ft. The Black Bond // People [Yoruba Records]

Vanishing Twin // Gunky [Self]

24-Carat Black // You’re Slipping Away [Numero Records]

Toby Kaar // One For Julie [Self]

Pinty // All Nightly [Winged Feet]

Daedelus // Sunflower Stems [DOMEOFDOOM Records]

Princess Nokia ft. Terrace Martin // Blessings [Self]

Uwmami // YKY [Self]

Whozyerman? // Ooze [Self]

Otis Sandsjö // tremendoce [We Jazz Records]

ZOiD // The Funk (Out of the Program) [Self]

|| Music Is Our Remedy – Classic Isolation Albums ||

Michael White // Spirit Dance [Impulse!]

Michael White // The Tenth Pyramid [Impulse!]

|| Ends ||

Village of the Sun // Ted [Gearbox Records]

Rabii Harnoune & V.B Kühl // Baniya [Tru Thoughts]

LerLoons // Life is Analog [Self]

W.A.L.A  ft. Salami Rose Joe Louis // Sacrum Test [Hot Record Societe]

Teishi-1 // Aurora [Boy Scout Audio]

|| Words and Music with Lee Kelly ||

Lee Kelly // Ezzzz Into It [wherethetimegoes]

Sage // Tidy Wires [Jheri Tracks]

Mangetout & Erwin Morzadec // EHX 360 Improvisation 2 [All City Records]

Lee Kelly // Ending In The Abyss [wherethetimegoes]

|| Ends ||

Dolo Percussion // Dolo & The Birds [Future Times]

Danny Deepo // Land of Giants [Self]  

DG // Rosemary [Wriggle]  

Lethal Dialect // K-District [Self]

Ben Hauke // Installs [YAM Recordings]

Cleo Sol // When I’m in Your Arms [Forever Living Originals]  

Muriel Grossman // Your Pace [Forthcoming Jazzman Records]

SENU // Jetlag 7 (Matthew) [Self]

Mourning [A] BLKstar // So Young So [Don Giovanni Records]

Amanda Feery // Two Steps on the Water [Self]

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