Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: November 19th

New music from Maisha, Jungle By Night, Proper Micro NV, Steve Spacek, Maria Somerville, Happyalone., Tau, Static, Monto and O Emperor.

Plus Subplots chat about the release of their new album ‘A Silent Phase’

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Mícháel O’Súilleabháin // Cry Of The Mountain [Gael Linn]

Maisha // There Is A Place [Brownswood Recordings]

Planet Battagon // Moon Of Dysnomia [On The Corner Records]

Steve Spacek // Natural Sci Fi [Eglo Records]

Anderson .Paak // 6 Summers [Aftermath Entertainment]

O Emperor // Japan [Big Skin Records]

Monto // Nopehead [Fly High Society]

Proper Micro NV // Eyes [Strange Brew]

Jungle By Night // Café Crème [Rush Hour Music]

Chandra // Opposite [Cantor]

Hazards of Prophecy // Love & Rum [Tiff’s Joints]

Tau // It’s Already Written [Drones of Praise Records]

Tyree Glenn // S.O.S. [Tramp Records]

Static // Come Back [Moot Tapes]

Pearson Sound // Earwig [Pearson Sound]

|| Subplots in Conversation ||

Subplots // Unfurling [Cableattack!!]

Subplots // Constitution Hill [Cableattack!!]

Subplots // Call To Arms [Cableattack!!]

Subplots // Wave Collapse [Cableattack!!]

Subplots // Leylines [Cableattack!!]

Subplots // Minor Arc [Cableattack!!]

|| Ends ||

Mocky // The Loneliest Monk [Self]

Happyalone. // Go Slow [Self]

Shelley Parker // Masonry Pier [Hessle Audio]

Maria Somerville // Eyes Don’t Say It [Self]

Takeleave // Passage [Project Mooncircle]

Footshooter // Rotations [YAM Recordings]

Pharoah Sanders // The Creator Has A Master Plan [Impulse!]

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