Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: June 18th

New music tonight from Natureboy Flako, Flowers at night, Dorian Concept, Fatima, SertOne, Onyx Collective and the Cosmic Kings.

Davy Kehoe performs four tracks recorded in Studio 8 and Limerick duo Inner City Radio join Peter to chat about their new album ‘Wounds’

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Tenderlonious ft. The 22archestra // Maria [22a]

Kalima // (Where Is The) Sunshine Pt 1 [Chuwanga]

Natureboy Flako // From The Shadows [Five Easy Pieces]

SertOne & Tre’bore // Insomniacs Dilemma [Fly High Society]

Onyx Collective // Battle of the Bowery [Big Dada]

Dorian Concept // Promises [Brainfeeder]

Fatima // Caught in a Lie [Eglo Records]

Davy Kehoe // Untitled 1 (RTÉ Studio 8 Recording)

Goat // Friday pt1 [Rocket Recordings]

Same D4Ence // OCMB [Self]

Breen // You & Me Boy [Vision Collector]

Davy Kehoe // Untitled 2 (RTÉ Studio 8 Recording)

The Cosmic Kings // The Portal [Black Mountain Recordings]

***Inner City Radio in Conversation***

Inner City Radio // Sweet Caramel [Self]

Inner City Radio // Frailties Pt. 2 [Self]

Inner City Radio // So Many Things [Self]

Inner City Radio // Love [Self]

Inner City Radio // S.O.S. [Self]

Inner City Radio // Frailties Pt. 1 [Self]

Inner City Radio // Time [Self]


Leon Vynehall // Ice Cream (Chapter VIII) [Ninja Tune]

Davy Kehoe // Going Machine (RTÉ Studio 8 Recording)

Davy Kehoe // Untitled 3 (RTÉ Studio 8 Recording)

Flowers at night // Dark Electrics [Self]

Repeater // Athrá Titim Gach Rud Side A 2 [Self]

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