Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: January 28th

New Irish music tonight from Denise Chaila, TapesJamican, Maria Somerville, Odd Ned, Glen Hansard, Po-lar-ity and SertOne.

Peter has the exclusive play of the new GavinDaVinci track GakkII.

New music also from Nick Waterhouse, Emilia Sisco, Ivan Mamão Conti, Marc de Clive-Lowe and FaltyDL.

Plus Sunken Foal and Somadrone chat about the recently released 101 Beats Per Minute compilation.

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TapesJamican // Pepper The Jaw [First Cut]

Denise Chaila // Copper Bullet [Self]

GavinDaVinci ft. Strange Boy Nature, Hazey & Citrus // GakkII [Forthcoming]

Ivan Mamão Conti // Ecos da Mata [Far Out Recordings]

Emilia Sisco & Cold Diamond & Mink // Don’t Believe You Like That [Timmion]

Willie Griffin // I Love You [Athens of the North]

SertOne // Spectres [Unreleased]

Po-lar-ity ft. Leeto B Thale // We Are Brothers [Yoruba]

Romperayo // Nanaicucas [Self]

Swindle ft. Eva Lazarus // Talk A Lot [Brownswood Recordings]

Nick Waterhouse // Black Glass [Innovative Leisure]

Glen Hansard // I’ll Be You, Be Me [Anti-Records]

Odd Ned // Baganese Chants [WhereTheTimesGoes]

Maria Somerville // Undoing [Forthcoming]

FaltyDL // If All The People Took Acid [Blueberry Records]

Erloni Chaves e Orquestra St. Moritz // Procura-se Uma Virgem – (Valsa) (Duo Cantate) [Mad About Records]

Mira Calix // Rightclick [Warp]

***101 Beats Per Minute // Countersunk Records Interview***

101 Beats Per Minute // Rarn [Countersunk Records]

101 Beats Per Minute // Sediment [Countersunk Records]

101 Beats Per Minute // Drill [Countersunk Records]

101 Beats Per Minute // Victory [Countersunk Records]

101 Beats Per Minute // Oneohoneonthedrum [Countersunk Records]

101 Beats Per Minute // Menorquina [Countersunk Records]


Jesse Gannon // Whatever [Yoruba Soul Records]

Patrick Gibin ft. Javonnte & McDL // Cloud Nine [Eglo Records]

Mark de Clive-Lowe // Bushidō 1 [Ropeadope]

Okyerma Asante // That’s My Girl [Kalita Records]

Gaiijin Blues // Guardia Castle [Shapes of Rhythm]

Loose Joints // Pop Your Funk (Instrumental Version – 7” B-Side Mix) [Reappearing Records]

Donnie & Joe Emerson // Baby [Light In The Attic]

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