Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: February 4th

New music tonight from Sim Simma Soundsystem, Jafaris, Rokaia, Biig Piig, Clerk 5, Unloved, Rebel Phoenix, Dexter Story and Tommy Guerrero.

‘It Takes A Village’ from Zaska is the album of the week plus spoken artist and mc Denise Chaila in conversation.

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Rob // Funky Rob Way [Mr. Bongo]

Sim Simma Soundsystem ft. God Knows // Pass the Aux Cord [Self]

Andrew Hill // Poinsettia [Jazzman]

Shlohmo // The End [Friends of Friends]

Kean Kavanagh // Miracle [Self]

Clever Austin ft. Jon Bap // Blue Tongue [Wondercore Island]

Ruby Rushton // Eleven Grapes [22a]

ZASKA ft. BARQ // My Body [Self]

Tommy Guerrero // A Distant Closeness [Too Good]

Dexter Story ft. Marie Daulne // Jijiga Jijiya [Soundway Records]

Daniel Maunick // One Nite Stand [Far Out Recordings]

Ghostking is Dead ft. Automatic Blue & Pat Lagoon // Hollow (Blue Lagoon Version) [Hausu Records]

Al Dobson Jr. // Tortoise Shell ’08 [IZWID Records]

Biig Piig // Nothing Changes [Self]

David Axelrod // The Sick Rose [Now Again/Capitol]

Clerk 5 // The Opposite Of What We Feel [Unscene Music]

Unloved // (Sigh) [Heavenly Recordings]

ZASKA ft. Carly Coonagh // U [Self]

***Denise Chaila in Conversation***

Denise Chaila // Copper Bullet [Self]

Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson // Essex [Arista Records]

Rusangano Family ft. Denise Chaila // Isn’t Dinner Nice [Self]

Sim Simma Soundsystem ft. Denise Chaila // Man Like Me [Self]

Denise Chaila // Dual Citzenship [Self]


Niels Broos & Jamie Peet // Heist [Super-Sonic Jazz Records]

Jafaris // Time [Self]

Rebel Phoenix // Limitless [Rebel Mafia]

ZASKA // The Village [Self]

Rokaia // Recidivus [Self]

YANGA // Encendemos [NYCT]

Nkotti Francois & The Black Styl // Nja Ka [Ketu Records]

Linda Williams // Elevate Our Minds [Arista]

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