Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: December 17th

Peter presents his first best of 2018 mixtape focusing solely on Irish releases with over 80 tracks in the mix!

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Seán Mac Erlaine ft. Sadhbh Ní Dhálaigh // The Melting Song [Ergodos]

Brién // Heaven [Softboy Records]

SertOne & Tre’bore // Insomniacs Dilemma [Fly High Society]

Kojaque // Last Pint [Soft Boy Records]

Naïve Ted // That Way [The Unscene]


ELLLL // Febreeze [First Second Label]

7th Obi // Travis Bickle [starfox recordings]

Chief Keegan // El Gucho [Self]

Auxiliary Phoenix // BRB [Self]

Biig Piig // Flirt [Self]

Aswell // toolatenow (prod by Mankyy) [Self]

Orlando FitzGerald // The Red Sun of Ophelia [New Info]

Loah ft. God Knows, Bantum, Ben Bix & Dunny // Keep Your Heart [Reckless Records]

Robocobra Quartet // Ah [Self]

Willzee ft. Strange Boy Nature // Dear Friend Pt. 2 [Self]

Jarjarjr // Manhatten Warmonger [Self]

Jonen Dekay // One Take [Unreleased]

marcus woods // abstract [District Recordings]

Spekulativ Fiktion // Google [The Unscene]

Alex Gough // Emoshuns [Self]

Blakkheat ft. Darce // Moonlight [Self]

Rusangano Family // Djoboé [People]

mynameisjOhn & Kyle Resnick // Oss West [People]

Crevice // In Heart [Fort Evil Fruit]

Jesse John Heffernan // Bring out the Best in Me [Self]

Happyalone. // Haunted [Self]

Clm // Beats for Dolo Part 1 [Self]

Sick Nanley // Mouthspit [Burner Records]

planting // Confiture [Self]

Hazey // Text from my ex (SMS) [PX Music]

Maria Somerville // Eyes Don’t Say It [Self]

Shookrah // Flex [Self]

101 Beats Per Minute // Sediment [Countersunk]

Paddy Mulcahy // Glasgow [Believe Digital]

Monto // Nopehead [Fly High Society]


GavinDaVinci //Steddie [PX Music]

The Altered Hours // Open Wide [Art For Blind]

DJ Nervou$ x Post Punk Podge // Never Coming Home [Self]

ZASKA ft. Loah & Emma Garnett // Cannot Will Not [Self]

Celaviedmai // Dive [Mantra]

qwasi // peaks [Self]

AKIA // Jaws Of The Jungle [Unreleased]

Krystal Klear // Division Dance [Running Back]

The Cosmic Kings // The Portal [Black Mountain Recordings]

Wastefellow // Philosophy Plastic [Soft Boy Records]

Colm K // Beginnings [Tiff’s Joints]

mankyy // subscribe [Unscene Music]

Lee Kelly // Ending In The Abyss [Where The Time Goes]

Flowers at night // Dark Electrics [Self]

G.E.O. Corp // College Drive (Day Mix) [First Second Label]

Melly // The Beds [Major Problems]

Phare // September 808 [045 Recordings]

Gadget & The Cloud // Always [Self]

Replete // Ireti [Ears Have Eyes]

Tr One // Out Of Tune (With You) [Bodytonic Music]

J Colleran // Granu [BECAUSE MUSIC]

T-Woc // Top Sausage [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

O Emperor // Japan [Big Skin Records]

Static // Come Back [Moot Tapes]

R.Kitt // Emotional Freak [Goldbrick Records]

WINO D // Track 2 [Wah Wah Wino]

Garies // Irlande Nul Points [Major Problems]

Lumigraph //Glass Jaw [DDR]

Sebi C // Socially Bred [Community Skratch Games]

Contour // Bloom Through The Cracks [Self]

John Daly // Dawn [All City]

Doubt // Return [Sesh FM]

Fio Fa // I’d like to see ya do it [Pear]

Lightght // Shards Of Amber [Pineal Sounds]

Kojaque ft. Luka Palm // Date Night [Soft Boy Records]

Rejjie Snow // Oh No! [300 Entertainment]

Dyramid // TRAiNZ [Self]

Jafaris // Found My Feet [DFL Records]

Inactive // Wondering [Self]

Cook, But We’re Chefs // Tough Frank [Self]

Auxiliary Phoenix // Another Aquatic Beat Adventure [Unreleased]

Rebel Phoenix // So Clear [Rebel Mafia]

David Kitt // Betws Y Coed [All City]

Outsider Yp ft. boys tell lies // Lostboys [Outsiders Ent]

Shy Mascot // Ride On [822916 Records DK]

Danny G & The Major 7ths ft. Osmojam // Say When [Hipdrop Records]

Subplots // Unfurling [Cableattack Records]

Inner City Radio // Sweet Caramel [Self]

Sias // Of Cotton [Jheri Tracks]

Repeater // Athrá Titim Gach Rud [Self]

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