Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: 13th November

Peter has new music tonight from lastminuteman, Chantae Cann, Blue Lab Beats, Amp Fiddler, Colm K, Golden Teacher, Contour, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Mugwisa International Xylophone Group and Duval Timothy. Plus there’s a special guest mix from musician and producer Auxiliary Phoenix!

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Ju Ju // Soledad Brothers [Black Fire]

lastminuteman // Phi (Phi me to the Moon) [wherethetimegoes]

Colm K // Affinity [All City]

Five to Two // How Tall Do You Think You Could Grow (If You Could Be So Tall) [Softboy Records]

Contour // Time Has Come [Self]

Marcus Woods // High [Self]

Chantae Cann // Happy Song [Atlanta Records]

Amp Fiddler ft. Bubz Fiddler & J Dilla // Through Your Soul [Mahogani Music]

Onyx Collective // Fruit Stand [Big Dada]

Leroy Hutson // Positive Forces [Acid Jazz]

Sly5thAve ft. Robert “Sput” Searight // My Name Is [Tru Thoughts]

Golden Teacher // Diop [Golden Teacher Records]

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble // Lead the Way [Honest Jon’s Records]

Marvin Holmes & Justice // Summer of ’73 [Brown Door Records]

Blue Lab Beats ft. Kojey Radical & Tina Major9 // Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye [Blue Adventure]

Makaya McCraven // Above & Beyond [International Anthem]

Bruxas // Más Profundo [Dekmantel]

***Auxiliary Phoenix Mix (Phoe-Mix)***

Mono/Poly // Drop Down [Hit N’Run]

Auxiliary Phoenix // You Got No Biz [unreleased]

Toro Y Moi // Never Matter [Carpark Records]

Tawiah // Another One [Bush Girl Records]

Mike Gao // Yo Bae [Alpha Pup]

Jlin // Black Origami [Planet Mu]

Auxiliary Phoenix // Emoji Eyes [unreleased]

Eureka The Butcher //The Formula [Alpha Pup]

X&G // 4am [trapdoor records]

Cvd feat. Teeph Rethoric // Implication  [Cascade Records]

Auction (Auxiliary Phoenix & Shriekin) // Magnificate [unreleased]


Connie Constance // Let Go [AMF Records]

Darkhouse Family // The Accession [First Word]

Novellus // Twenty Eight [Talk Shoppe]

Duval Timothy // Wahala [Carrying Colour]

Mugwisa International Xylophone Group // Jinja Pearls [On The Corner Records]

Reginald Omas Mamode IV // Question They [Five Easy Pieces]

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