Groovers Corner with Peter Curtin: 11th June

Emanative Nick Woodmansey 2

Big show this week with new hip-hop albums from A$AP Rocky, Pusha T and Chuck Stangers. There’s new Irish music from Jafaris, Alex Gough and J Colleran plus new tracks from Sampology, The Internet, Detroit Swindle and Onyx Collective.

The record of the week is ‘Earth’ from Emanative and there’s a long, lost unreleased track from John Coltrane!

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Emanative // Dawn Child (Sunrise) [Jazzman]

Balako // Jungle Music [Greco Roman]

Randolph Baker // Getting Next To You [Kalita Records]

Blood Wine or Honey // Anxious Party People [Do Right Music]

A$AP Rocky // Tony Tone [RCA Records]

Kiefer // Thinkin of [Stones Throw]

Mndsgn // DAVIBE [Ringgo Records]

Sampology // Mt Glorious [Self]

Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge ft. Raphael Saadiq // It’s You [Linear Labs]

Jimi Tenor // Naomi Min Sumo Bo [Philophon]

Mac Miller // Buttons [Warner Bros.]

John Coltrane // Untitled Original 11383 [Impulse!]

Emanative ft. Nat Birchall & Liz Elensky // Reflection [Jazzman]

J Colleran // Freesia I [BECAUSE MUSIC]

Davy Kehoe // Going Machine [Wah Wah Wino]

Jafaris // Found My Feet [DFL Records]

The Internet // Come Over [Columbia Records]

Onyx Collective // 2AM at Veselka [Big Dada]

Alex Gough // Emoshuns [Self]

Chuck Strangers // The Evening [Nature Sounds/PRO ERA RECORDS]

Pusha T // The Games We Play [Getting Out Our Dreams. Inc.]

Leroy Hutson // Never Know What You Can Do (Give It A Try) [Curtom]

Anacy Arcanjo // Toque Tambor [Soundway]

Lenny de Luca // Like That [Cascade Records]

Martyn // Manchester [Osgut Ton]

Clifford Brown & Jeen Bassa ft. Ella Mae Sueref // Que Sena [Banoffee Pies Records]

Detroit Swindle // Lucky Number 13 [Heist Recordings]

Kadhja Bonet // … [Fat Possum Records]

Emanative ft. Dele Sosimi // Ìyáàmi [Jazzman]

Michael Sardaby // Welcome New Warmth [World Seven]

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