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The London Ear

The London Ear with Nessymon is a music, arts and culture show from London, giving a voice to the Irish community in London and across the UK.


Nessy (Vanessa Monaghan) presents The London Ear, the station’s show from London, every Saturday.


Nessy joined the RTÉ 2XM team in 2011, presenting arts and culture show, Culture Cafe. Following a life move to London in 2013, the show quickly changed its focus to the Irish community in London and The London Ear was born.


The primary focus of the show is to give a voice to the Irish community through music, arts and culture. The London Ear is never afraid to chat to the Irish diaspora further a field, having guests from Australia, Latin America and the US, all feature on the show.


Nessy has over twenty years experience working in music and media both in Ireland and the UK, bringing her knowledge to the table and will never pass up the opportunity to interview well known names such previous guests, Alan McGee, Simon Napier-Bell, Demián Bichir and Melanie C.


Keep up to date with Nessy on her blog


//The London Ear – Saturdays at 1pm on RTÉ 2XM//

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