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Painted Flowers

Mr Myth (Graham Smyth) brings you the freshest new alternative records mixed with a healthy dose of classic tracks on “Painted Flowers” every Thursday from 7-9PM. Genre is no boundary here, just damn good music! With a weekly gig guide, a healthy dose of music news and interviews with the likes of Courtney Barnett and Oscar Jerome, this is your one stop shop for your alternative music needs.


Graham also hosts a documentary series about sampling called “Scratching The Surface” on RTÉ Pulse, is part of Dublin Record Club, Swim Kollektiv and you can probably catch him DJing at a nightclub or bar not too far from where you’re reading this.


You can listen to Graham on 2XM every Thursday and follow all his endeavours at the links below.








//Painted Flowers – Thursdays 7-9pm on RTÉ 2XM//

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