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Dermot Lambert has been a part of the Irish music landscape for over 30 years, from early bands Empty Shell and Rex & Dino to major label success with Blink on Parlophone Records in The UK and Paradigm Records in The USA.


With platinum sales and accolades ranging from Billboard Album Of The Month to numerous awards, you could be forgiven for thinking that was enough. However Lambert then went on to create the Garage Gigs, which has hosted over 1,800 live gigs in Ireland and The UK, kick-starting the careers of the likes of The Script, Ham Sandwich, Royseven, Fight Like Apes, Delorentos to name just a few, and more recently of course Inhaler.


And if THAT wasn’t enough, Lambert then went on to create The Irish Youth Music Awards, and produced the INDY City Youth Music Festival in 2018 for City of Dublin Youth Service Board.


Garageland on RTÉ 2XM began airing live in late 2016, and has attracted a huge loyal fanbase, as the show is funny and informative, playing new music from Irish musicians, alongside industry guests and personel. Garageland on RTÉ 2XM works alongside The Garage Gigs and Garageland TV, which airs on


//Garageland – Mondays at 7pm on RTÉ 2XM//

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