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Click Clack

With many hundreds of radio hours under his belt, Dudley Colley continues to plough his lunchtime furrow every Friday, playing tunes that don’t get typically played at mealtimes. Taking care not to upset your dietary needs with some splendidly off kilter music, everything from Meshuggah to the Dirty Projectors, with a garnish of Queen, it may be fair to peg Dudley as an experiment in combining John Peel with Darina Allen. An experiment gone wrong? We couldn’t possibly say…

//Click Clack – Fridays at 1pm on RTÉ 2XM//

Click Clack 374 – Friday, April 13!

16th April 2018

Didn’t even dawn on me to include some spooky tunes in my Friday the 13th playlist til 3 days after the fact. Ah well. Listen back here! New Thingy [...]

Click Clack 373 – April 6 2018

6th April 2018

Rains are gone! Maybe briefly. Todays playlist, which you can stream by clicking these nice arrows >>> Have a good weekend! Retep Folo – Galactic dream [...]

Click Clack 371 – March 23

23rd March 2018

Hoorah for the new Optiganally Yours LP. Do yourself a favour and sign up for the Rob Crow Artist in Residence box in set over at the joyful noise website. Only $150, but [...]

Mark E Smith – Click Clack 365

19th February 2018

Hi folks, I’m not sure how long the good people upstairs keep shows archived on the player, but show 365 of Click Clack featured a good few Fall tunes in memory of the [...]

Click Clack 300 coming soon!

7th April 2016

It’s only taken me the guts of 300 shows to finally put a post up here, but that’s a reasonably worthy occassion, no? But yes, it’s true, in a couple of [...]