Dermot Lambert

Dermot Lambert has been a part of the Irish music landscape for over 30 years, from fledgling band outings with Empty Shell and Rex & Dino to major label success with Blink on Parlophone Records in The UK and Paradigm Records in The USA. With accolades ranging from Billboard Album Of The Month on Blink’s second album, to platinum album sales with A Map Of The Universe by Blink in Ireland and The UK, you could be forgiven for thinking that was enough. However Lambert then went on to create the massively influential Garage Gigs, which has hosted over 1,500 live gigs in Ireland and The UK, which have been instrumental in kick-starting the careers of the likes of The Script, Ham Sandwich, Royseven, Fight Like Apes, Delorentos to name just a few. And if THAT wasn’t enough, Lambert then went on to create The Irish Youth Music Awards, which he produced and directed for 7 years before returning to the drawing board, from which he has just recently relaunched the legendary Garage Gigs, using a unique formula which has seen the project grow at a Herculian rate. Given the vast depth of experience which he has gained, it was perhaps inevitable that Dermot Lambert would eventually bring his massive experience and knowledge to entertain and befuddle us on radio, and we’re delighted that he has joined the RTE team to do just that!

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