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C60 – 20 May 2015

Remembering Grant McLennan (and George Byrne)

This week’s show is a repeat of one originally broadcast in May 2011 to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of Grant McLennan of The Go-Betweens. It features contributions from the late George Byrne and music journalist Brian Boyd, along with some interview excerpts and lots of Go-Betweens music.

You can listen back here on the player:  C60 – Grant McLennan tribute – 20 May 2015

When the show first aired, George Byrne recommended “Intermission” as a great compilation of Grant McLennan and Robert Forster’s solo output. It’s a two disc affair – one from each of the boys – and might appeal to those who made fantasy Go-Betweens tapes from the solo periods.

Also worth checking out is a Great Australian Albums programme on 16 Lover’s Lane. The show seems to be an Antipodean Classic Albums type thing and a DVD of the one dedicated to this lp is a must for anyone who likes the record. It was my starting point after I blindly played I’m Alright on side 2 of the record which I’d “borrowed” from a radio station library. What goes around comes around… The record was stolen in a burglary a few months later. Wonder what those brigands made of ‘Love Goes On’ and ‘Dive for your Memory?’ Hope they liked it and went on to investigate further, through more orthodox means.

That Great Australian Albums programme is here…

Robert Forster is among the guests at a Yeats gig in the NCH later this year. More info: here

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