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The Bad Movie Club with The Third Degree

At The Third Degree, we love movies, but we like to do things with a bit of a twist when we can. With that in mind, we’ve decided to form The Bad Movie Club, and it does more or less exactly what it says on the tin. 

Every month, we’ll team up with our regular movie critic and excitable Slayer fan Brian Lloyd of to chat about a truly terrible movie and what makes it so bad…or good, depending on just how bad it is.

While we’ve already covered what is perhaps the defining movie of the bad movie genre, The Room, we’re starting off with another classic which we briefly discussed on air recently and feel needs a more thorough examination: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Eraser.

We’ll be discussing the movie in-depth on next week’s show (August 13th) as we break down why they chose the farmer from Babe as a bad guy, how little effort was put in to explaining why Arnie’s character ‘Jack Kruger’ seems to be able to steal bodies from the morgue without consequence and estimating just how much damage would be done to his internal organs after falling out of a plane and landing on top of a car, which somehow breaks his fall.

We also want your suggestions for the show, for what is a radio show without its listeners? We’re actually not sure on that, so if you have the answer or if you want to recommend a classic movie that you feel has not gotten the love it deserves from movie critics, get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or by email and let us know what film should be next on our list.

We’ll read out the best entries on air, and choose a few. For those who really want to follow along and get behind the idea, we’ll let you know when we’ll be discussing which movie too, so you’ll have time to watch along with us and share your opinion with us.

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