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ABC to XTC Playlist — 20 September

Today’s edition of ABC to XTC was a mix of old, new and covers:

Aztec Camera, “Deep & Wide & Tall” from Love (1987)

The Stranglers, “Strange Little Girl” from All Live and All of the Night (1988)

The Jam, “Liza Radley” (b-side of “Start!”, 1980)

a-Ha, “Hunting High and Low (extended)” from Hunting High and Low (1985)

Captain Sensible, “Wot” from Women and Captains First (1982)

Yann Tiersen (feat. Elizabeth Fraser), “Kala” from Les Retrouvailles (2005)

The Apartments, “Sunset Hotel” from The Evening Visits . . . and Stays for Years (1985)

Robert Forster, “Baby Stones” from Danger in the Past (1990)

Cleaners from Venus, “Wivenhoe Bells II” from Midnight Cleaners (1982)

The Fall, “Bill is Dead” from Extricate (1990)

Yo La Tengo, “Friday I’m in Love” from Stuff Like That There (2015)

The Bangles, “Walk Like an Egyptian” from Different Light (1986)

The Icicle Works, “Understanding Jane” from If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song (1987)

The Divine Comedy, “Don’t You Want Me” (live cover, 2010)


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